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Where Family comes first

Funland is a small, family-owned amusement park that has called Rehoboth Beach home since 1962. The park, about the size of a big-city block, has 17 games and 20 rides, five of which have been operating since before Funland first opened its doors. 


The four generations of the Fasnacht family that own Funland have always placed a premium on offering affordable family fun for all ages. Ticket prices remained the same from 1962 through 1986, and remain far more inexpensive than its competitors.

"Funland is such a special place. I think it's the combination of the sounds, the smells, and the sunshine – everything in life that is fun and happy,” said Laurie Strongin, the CEO of the Hope for Henry Foundation, who has been coming to Funland since she was a child. “Like a Bruce Springsteen song, but for children. I have the biggest smile on my face right now just thinking about Funland."

Funland on CBS Sunday Morning

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