“Land of Fun reads like a warm summer day at the beach.

I can smell the caramel popcorn and Coppertone, taste 

the saltwater taffy in every page. It's a great book to steady the nerves, to provide comfort and a dose of nostalgia in trying times like these. Well done!”

-- Eric Eyre, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist

and author of Death in Mud Lick



“The book was the perfect mix of the history of Funland and personal accounts from the many people connected to Funland in one way or the other. I couldn’t put it down. The book brought back so many memories of my growing up, and now I get to watch my own kids enjoy the same rides, games and family-friendly atmosphere. If you like Funland, you’ll love this book!”

-- Kristine Loeffler, Randolph, NJ 

“As a person who grew up taking weeklong pilgrimages to Rehoboth during the summer, Land of Fun brings back great memories. For those who've never been to Rehoboth Beach, the insider knowledge about what makes an amusement park successful for nearly 60 years is both interesting and fun. I like the book so much that I bought 14 copies to give to my relatives so they could relive our Funland experiences as well. Thank you for such a pleasant read. Funland Forever!”

-- John Allnutt, Kensington, MD

From left, Al Fasnacht and Chris Lindsley, the author of Land of Fun, sign books at Funland in Rehobeth, Del.

“A must-have book for families who have enjoyed Funland for generations!”

-- Peggy Letter, Bethesda, MD


“I finished the book, Land of Fun, last evening and truly enjoyed the story.

I liked the amount of research on the Fasnacht family, and in particular, Al.

I enjoyed how the chapters flowed and the way you told  the story about Funland,

a true treasure. It is evident that you love Funland. It is a book that I'm sure

I'll read more than once, because my family and I love Funland and Rehoboth Beach!”

-- Bob Mitchell, King of Prussia, PA


“I loved this charming book! You did a great job representing the family.

As a small business owner myself, I know the family’s unique attributes

are so very important and have created memories for so many. Keep up the good work!”

-- Jane Theriot, Sterling, VA


“It's a VERY well told story. I couldn't put it down.

Every chapter is different, yet the whole story ties together PERFECTLY!

-- Ashley Gray, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA


“I wanted to say thank you and also to let you know how much this book

means to me and my sister. This is a birthday present for her. My family came to

Rehoboth Beach when it was a Methodist meeting ground in the late 1800s and built

a house in 1922. My mother inherited the house at 45 Delaware Avenue

and we moved to Rehoboth in 1960; the rest, as they say, is history. We would sit

out on our front porch in the summer and hear the sounds of Funland down the street.

Our memories of Funland have lasted a lifetime! My favorite remains the old train

that ran in little more than a big circle, but to me, it was the adventure of a lifetime

riding with my dad. I’m grateful to you for taking on this project so others

can read about this special place too.”

-- Marion Jones, Rehoboth Beach, DE

         “I finished your amazing book about Funland a few months ago.

          My son gave it to me to read and reminisce. I went to Funland

          as an ornery kid frequently with my parents when in the

          early years. I took my kids in the 80s and 90s. And now my son

          has our grandchildren, 4 & 6, who are madly in love with it.

              Thanks for helping to find the kid again in many of us!”

                                           -- Tom Burns, Dover, DE

Tom Burns in a Funland bumper car that was carried

to the beach by the Great Atlantic Storm of 1962.




Land of fun

By Chris Lindsley